little one is turning one, and the fun has only just begun!

Immerse yourself in the joyful and messy celebration of your little one's first birthday with a delightful Cake Smash session. Watch as your baby's surprise, curiosity, and pure delight unfold while they dive into a specially crafted birthday cake made just for them. And the best part? You can leave the cleanup worries to us! Remember, my motto is: the messier the baby, the more memorable the photos!

We also have exciting Milk / Bubble bath sessions, let your baby step into a tub filled with warm, creamy milk, adorned with stunning flowers, and let yourself be embraced by the tranquil ambiance. Allow the gentle touch of the milk and the delicate blooms to envelop you, resulting in enchanting images that capture your beauty and create cherished memories.

If you’re looking for a cake smash photographer in Ottawa, We would be honoured to capture this incredible stage in your journey.

tiny adventures

  • We engage in detailed discussions with parents to understand their preferences for the setup, ensuring it aligns with their vision.
  • To create lasting memories, we offer a mini family session as part of the cake smash session to capture heartwarming moments with their little ones.
  • Before the cake smash begins, we take the time to play with the child, this playful approach sets the stage for a joyful and memorable cake smash session, filled with laughter and lots of fun!
  • We keenly focus on capturing the beautiful expressions and wide-eyed wonder of the babies as they touch and taste the cake for the first time.
  • Our bath sessions featuring either milk or bubbles, accompanied by clean real fruits and flowers. Immerse your little one in a delightful experience where they can relax, play, and create cherished memories.

Cake smash FAQ

How should I prepare my baby for a cake smash session?

To prepare your baby for a cake smash session, it's important to ensure they are well-rested, fed, and in a comfortable mood. It's also helpful to bring along extra clothes, wipes, and a towel for cleanup afterward.

Can I bring my own cake for the session?

Yes, you can certainly bring your own cake for the session. We recommend discussing the cake design and any dietary restrictions or allergies beforehand to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. We also arrange the cake at extra cost.

What should my baby wear for the cake smash session?

We suggest adorable and comfortable outfits that are easy to clean and allow freedom of movement. Many parents choose to have their baby wear a diaper cover, bloomers, or a simple onesie to highlight the messy cake smashing.

How long does a cake smash session typically last?

A cake smash session usually lasts around 30 mins to 1 hour, allowing ample time for setup, capturing various poses, expressions and cake smashing.

Can I choose the flowers or other elements for the bath session?

Yes, we encourage you to discuss your preferences and any specific themes or color schemes you have in mind. We can provide suggestions or work with you to incorporate your desired flowers or other elements into the bath setup.